Aluminum and ipe wood

SeeSawSeat is a public bench that presents a modest and playful conundrum to those who encounter it. Its seat pivots atop a central fulcrum, becoming a teeter-totter. Uncomfortable when used by only one person, the individuals that encounter it will soon deduce that it is best experienced with another person, so the seat becomes a tool for social exchange.

Commissions: 88 Blocks: Main Street Urban Transportation Showcase, 2009.
Group Exhibitions: Art Labor 2.0, 'By Sea, Land, and Air We Prosper', 2011.
Group Exhibitions: Haus für Kunst Uri, (im)mobile, 2016.
Catalogues & Books: Mireille Bourgeois + Chantal Molleur, Jonathan Shaughnessy, Susann Wintsch, (im)mobile, 2016.

Collection(s): City of Vancouver

Germaine Koh, SeeSawSeat, 2018, 18 x 96 x 16, Aluminum and ipe wood.