2008 + 2016 versions

Domestic light fixture modified with electronic circuits, optical sensor, and red, green, blue LEDs, responding to current traffic conditions

A light that responds to traffic rather than directing it. The light operates in a range between red (high traffic volume) and blue (little traffic).

Solo Exhibitions: Germaine Koh, Apr-May 2008.
Group Exhibitions: (weewerk) is 6! anniversary show, 2008.
Group Exhibitions: Haus für Kunst Uri, (im)mobile, 2016.
Catalogues & Books: Mireille Bourgeois + Chantal Molleur, Jonathan Shaughnessy, Susann Wintsch, (im)mobile, 2016.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Samir Gandesha, essay, 2009. PDF

Germaine Koh, Traffic, 2016, 14" diameter, light fixture housing, red and blue LEDs, infrared sensor, custom circuits. 2016 version