series of offset postcards , 4 x 6 inches each

Sightings is a series of postcards commercially printed from snapshots found in public places. The caption on the back of each card records with archival precision the date, site and circumstances of the find, describes any identifying marks, and gives the publication date and my address.

The cards relate individual experience to public forms. Traveling the anonymous realm between lost and found, they enigmatically mark the passage of specific people through particular times and spaces. Melding the functions of snapshots and postcards as conventional forms for remembrance, location and commemoration of individual experience, the project recognizes that the imagery and function of both snapshots and postcards are nevertheless public forms located squarely in popular space. Described by their location in communal rather than familial territory, and recognizable primarily as types (special occasions, pets, etc.), the images are treated as archival specimens garnered from this collective domain. 

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Germaine Koh, Sightings, 1992, series of offset postcards.