ongoing since 1995

personal journal entries appearing in classified ads and other venues, variable dimensions

A terse personal journal appearing daily in the classified ads and, in more recent versions, on LED message boards and roadside signs. These messages invert the urgency of this familiar space for recording the circulation of useful things and abject hopes. The tone of the texts is familiar, providing mundane observations about my daily routines (example: "8 April, Toronto. Ran into A and S, who solved my problem. Had dinner, beer. I like them."). Instead of seeking the usual commercial or social transactions, I use the real time and repetition embedded in these spaces to relate little more than the passing of time, gently magnifying its banality and arguing for the monumentality of daily preoccupations. Executed anonymously, this work's reception is as unknowable as its potential audience is wide, though part of its poignancy lies in the assumption that many of the activities I describe might be familiar to many of the unknown people who happen to read them. Although the events are particular to me, they thus might seem to represent certain shared collective experiences.

Newspapers used: 1995-99 Ottawa Citizen; 1997 Kingston Whig-Standard; 1998 Toronto Star; 1998 Sydney Morning Herald; 2000 Le Devoir (Montreal); 2000 Edmonton Journal; 2001-02 Winnipeg Free Press; 2006 Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin)

Solo Exhibitions: Plug In ICA and Gallery One One One, Germaine Koh: Around/About, Nov 2001-Jan 2002.
Solo Exhibitions: Latitude 53, Journal, Sep-Oct 2000.
Solo Exhibitions: Notices, Apr-May 1998.
Solo Exhibitions: Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Germaine Koh: Personal, 1997.
Group Exhibitions: Kenderdine Art Gallery, Me & Them, Sep-Nov 2007.
Group Exhibitions: Ingenuity Festival, Ingenuity Festival 2007, 2007.
Group Exhibitions: Sparwasser HQ, The Momental, May-Jun 2006.
Group Exhibitions: re:cycle, 2003.
Group Exhibitions: Biennale de Montréal, Tout le temps / Every Time, 2000.
Group Exhibitions: Biennale of Sydney, Every Day: 11th Biennale of Sydney , Sep-Nov 1998.
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Germaine Koh, Journal, 1995, personal journal entries appearing in classified ads and other venues . This image: 27 October 2003, McMaster University Campus, Hamilton. Photo: McMaster Museum of Art.