series of small bronzes, to be carried

Carried in one's pocket, each of these small objects is a combination of token, talisman and soother. Their simple, abstract forms are those of eroded stones or smooth sticks. Cast into the culturally valuable material of bronze, these naturally ambiguous forms are subject to further wear through daily use. Slowly, they begin to show the marks of their unconscious or deliberate use, through increased polish and, eventually, further erosion. In the process, they tie the large movements of natural elements to the minor forces of friction and fretting that act upon them in contact with one's body. Although they have no assigned purpose, they could come to hold practical, symbolic and emotional value, as simple tools, as tokens for exchange, and as silent, unseen companions. They provide comfort and require care. They are markers or reminders, things to anchor oneself and to track, objects for worry and for play, resting somewhere between function and uselessness, relief and burden.

Solo Exhibitions: Centre des arts actuels SKOL, Des gages / Tokens, Nov-Dec 1998.
Group Exhibitions: Through the looking glass, 5 Jun 2003.
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Collection(s): Private collections

Germaine Koh, Tokens, 1996, series of small bronzes, to be carried.