Living room


20-minute video loop for installation on floor, 20 min

A very close-up survey of the perimeter of a carpeted room becomes a compulsive and repetitive measure of living space, territory, lebensraum. This proximity creates a confusion of scale in which the carpet begins to resemble an aerial view of a landscape and the lint and occasional hair looming presences. The laboured camera movement reveals the difficulty of the task of mapping. The looped tape plays continuously on a small monitor resting on the floor near a corner.

Solo Exhibitions: FADs art space, Germaine Koh, Apr-May 2003.
Solo Exhibitions: Latitude 53, Journal, Sep-Oct 2000.
Solo Exhibitions: Germaine Koh: Living room, 1999.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Makiko Hara, BT Journal, May 2003. PDF

Germaine Koh, Living room, 1997, 20-minute video loop for installation on floor. Still.