Signs series


Colour photographs mounted on multiple PVC panels, Various sizes

A series of multi-panel photographic works based on colour images of single words photographed from public signage. Each piece assembles together several of these units to form not-quite-sensical mottos and terse concrete poems reminiscent of the clich├ęs and turns of phrase we use in our everyday interpersonal relations. They rely equally on plays of visual form and often-ungrammatical wording, lightly skewing the familiar by combining the longings built into both commercial signage and everyday speech.

Various edition sizes

Solo Exhibitions: Germaine Koh, Apr-Jun 2002.
Solo Exhibitions: Plug In ICA and Gallery One One One, Germaine Koh: Around/About, Nov 2001-Jan 2002.
Group Exhibitions: Eine. Klein. Sign., May-Jun 2002.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Robin Laurence, Georgia Straight, 9-16 May 2002. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Sigrid Dahle, Winnipeg Free Press, 8 Dec 2001. Read

Collection(s): Private collections

Germaine Koh, ONE BEGINS, 2001, colour photographs mounted on multiple PVC panels. From a 1997-2001 series.