Fair-weather forces (water level)


Stainless-steel stanchions with electronic and mechanical systems moving velvet ropes up and down in relation to changing water level reported by Internet data stream from ultrasonic sensor installed at nearby body of water, stanchions 40 inches high

A row of up to six stainless-steel posts linked by velvet ropes recalls institutional and social crowd-control situations. The attachment points for the ropes automatically slide up and down the stanchions in direct relationship to the current water level in a nearby body of water (transmitted in real time over the Internet from a custom-built sensor). The situation thus suggests that passage/admission is permitted, restrained or directed according to the changing condition of the tide, water level and waves, hinting at relationships between phenomena that might otherwise seem disparate: aspects of social sorting evoked by the barriers (admission, exclusion, approval, class distinctions); economic and political conditions such as trade, migration and tourism that affect the region; and the vagaries of the natural environment.

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Collection(s): Vancouver Art Gallery

Germaine Koh, Fair-weather forces (water level), 2008, posts 40" high, stainless steel posts and ropes moving up and down in relation to tide level streamed over Internet. Installation at Haus fuer Kunst Uri, photo: Felix Brun.