Side piece


6.5-hour video track for installation on small monitor

Four men pass their days, in various combinations, on two public benches. They talk, read, eat, drink, and watch passing action. The weather changes, other unknown people come and go, events occur off-frame, and days become nights. Through the distant view, from behind, we might begin to identify with these figures. Time passes beside them, less as a measure than as a simple presence. At the same time, the sound track conveys the ambient sounds and conversations occurring within the room in which the camera was located, revealing the equally mundane daily activities of this household. The day-long video plays on a small monitor placed inconspicuously on one side of a table or desk or counter, providing more company than entertainment. We might begin to feel a sort of quiet companionship between us and the images of the men, in parallel to their own.

Solo Exhibitions: Germaine Koh: Shell, Jan-Feb 2005.
Solo Exhibitions: Germaine Koh: Open Hours, Fall 2002.
Group Exhibitions: Frankfurter Kunstverein, Nation, May-Aug 2003.
Group Exhibitions: Placecards, Sep-Oct 2000.
Group Exhibitions: Kelowna Art Gallery, Casual Viewings, Spring 2000.
Group Exhibitions: W139, The Global 500 , Sep-Oct 1999.
Group Exhibitions: Optica, 1000 gracias, 1999.
Catalogues & Books: François Dion & Luis Jacob, Fin de siècle, 1999. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Vanessa Joan Müller, Be Magazine, 2005. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Stacey Lancaster, brochure, 2000. Read

Germaine Koh, Side piece, 1999, 6.5-hour video track for installation on small monitor.