White flag

A white flag flies atop a building or a flagpole, surrendering an unspecified territory and unidentified people to an unknown end. Signalling receptiveness, it is a simple affirmation of openness to the world.

Solo Exhibitions: Western Front, Field Work, May-Jun 2003.
Group Exhibitions: Frankfurter Kunstverein, Nation, May-Aug 2003.
Group Exhibitions: Optica, 1000 gracias, 1999.
Catalogues & Books: François Dion & Luis Jacob, Fin de siècle, 1999. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Patrice Loubier, Germaine Koh Works., 2005. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Vanessa Joan Müller, Be Magazine, 2005. PDF

Collection(s): Laing and Kathleen Brown

Germaine Koh, Surrender, 1999, various sizes, white flag. Installation in Montreal, 1999