6 Nov 1999

Set of two coupons published in The Globe and Mail

Two coupons, indicating "thanks" and "many thanks," were put into circulation through a national newspaper, to be clipped out and used in social situations. As they change hands, they translate abstract notions of value into concrete actions, and vice-versa. They are distributed and eventually dispersed through space and time, their effects more imagined than observable. The project is related to others: Acción de gracias was realized in Mexico City with an edition of paper bills offset-printed with the expression "1000 gracias"; Change was a quantity of metal slugs each engraved with the single word "bon" or "bien" Pledge was an edition of copper tokens with the words "I WILL"; and Tender was a set of coupons published in MIX magazine (Toronto) in Autumn 2001.

Reviews, Articles & Essays: Diana Nemiroff et al., Globe and Mail, 6 Nov 1999. PDF

Germaine Koh, Thansgiving, 1999, set of two coupons published in The Globe and Mail, 6 November 1999 .