Installation with ball-bearings raining from overhead tracks, electrical mechanisms, Variable dimensions

In an apparently-empty space, thousands of small ball-bearings drip gently from overhead tracks, bouncing around and puddling in shifting formations. This constant yet barely visible movement establishes a zone of uncertainty, elusiveness, and slight hazard, and also of play.

The project arose from an invitation to develop new work based on artefacts from the collection of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. The conceptual origin of ... was a small quantity of pachinko balls in this collection, which were remarkable precisely because they were so innocuous. As unassuming artefacts of a game of chance, they not only were tokens of everyday compulsions, but also had the potential to represent a slipping-away of things. Translating the pachinko balls into the mechanical efficiency of ball-bearings and further re-imagining them as a sort of elemental force, the installation embodies a state of chance and passage by creating a space of slippage, of fluidity, and of forgetting rather than remembering.

First version commissioned by Gendai Gallery, Toronto

Solo Exhibitions: Ottawa Art Gallery, Germaine Koh, Aug-Oct 2006.
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Solo Exhibitions: Contemporary Art Gallery, Germaine Koh, May-Jul 2001.
Solo Exhibitions: Kamloops Art Gallery, Germaine Koh: Weather Systems, 2013.
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Germaine Koh, ..., 2000, installation at Contemporary Art Gallery in 2001. Photo: Germaine Koh.