Recuperated plastic bottles, site specific installation for Plug In ICA

An installation of recuperated and refilled plastic drink bottles built on site at Plug In ICA in Winnipeg. The region has a high water table and is known for its extreme winter weather. The glacier-like form may have called upon local residents' memories of another slow-moving natural phenomenon: the flood that struck the area in 1997.

Assisted by Robert Epp, Cliff Eyland, Jaclyn Hunter, Rodney LaTourelle, Glen Johnson, Phil Klygo, Valery Camarta, Hope Peterson, Carol Phillips, Jamie Durhack, Will Watson, Sarah Johnson, Les Newman, Doug Lewis, Paul Butler, Dominique Rey, Tim Schouten, KC Adams, Kevin Waugh, and Erika Lincoln.

Solo Exhibitions: Plug In ICA and Gallery One One One, Germaine Koh: Around/About, Nov 2001-Jan 2002.
Catalogues & Books: Cliff Eyland, Germaine Koh: Around About , 2001. PDF

Germaine Koh, Floe, 2001, recuperated plastic bottles. Installation view at Plug In ICA. Photo: Germaine Koh.