Fair-weather forces: wind speed


turnstile with added motor and circuits, rotating in relationship to exterior wind speed, Turnstile 93.5 cm high x 106 cm diameter

A standard metal turnstile is placed, as usual, near the threshold of a room. It rotates at a changing speed related directly to the exterior wind speed as measured by the anemometer. In this way it suggests that it could be regulating the flow of people into the space according to the weather outside:  calm days encourage lazy movements and windy conditions brisk ones.

This was the first in the Fair-weather forces series of architectonic interventions which suggest a reciprocal relationship between human behaviour and natural phenomena.

Technical assistance and circuit design by Gordon Hicks, www.gherkin.com

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Collection(s): Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Germaine Koh, Fair-weather forces: wind speed, 2002, found metal turnstile with added electric motor and electronic circuits, anemometer. View of installation at The Power Plant, Toronto, 2002.