surplus electrical parts, wood, mounted inside wall

A counter embedded in the wall responds predictably, reassuringly, when the button below it is pushed.

Edition of 2.

Solo Exhibitions: Western Front, Field Work, May-Jun 2003.
Solo Exhibitions: Germaine Koh: Open Hours, Fall 2002.
Group Exhibitions: Mercer Union, INFINITY, ETC., Feb-Apr 2006.
Catalogues & Books: Dave Dyment, Germaine Koh: Stall, 2004. Read
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Robin Laurence, Georgia Straight, 12-19 Jun 2003. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Steve Reinke, Germaine Koh: Open Hours, 2002. Read

Collection(s): Private collection, Ottawa

Germaine Koh, Counter, 2002, surplus electrical parts. Photo: Germaine Koh.