Copper tokens, for person-to-person distribution, 25mm diameter each

Pledge is an edition of copper tokens, each bearing the words "I WILL". The tokens may serve as an alternate form of currency, a sort of promissory note for recognizing non-commercial exchanges, particularly social bonds of trust that elude quantification. Abstract intentions may be concretized by actually putting them to use. The tokens circulate quietly, formalizing personal gestures and marking moments of individual interaction — small changes.

Edition of 5000

Solo Exhibitions: Germaine Koh: Open Hours, Fall 2002.
Group Exhibitions: WestGermany, Das Rätsel bleibt in seiner Verschiebung am selben Ort, Sep 2006. PDF
Group Exhibitions: Museum Het Valkhof and Paraplufabriek, Hidden Rhythms, Dec 2005-Jan 2006.
Group Exhibitions: Galerie SAW Gallery, Opposition Party, Jun-Aug 2004.
Group Exhibitions: , Backpacker, 2002.
Catalogues & Books: Stella Geppert, Das Rätsel bleibt in seiner Verschiebung am selben Ort (The riddle remains static in its displacement), 2006.
Catalogues & Books: Hilde de Bruijn, Hidden Rhythms, 2005. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Steve Reinke, Germaine Koh: Open Hours, 2002. Read
Texts by Koh: In Response series, 2020.

Germaine Koh, Pledge, 2002, copper tokens, for person-to-person distribution, edition of 5000.