4w 2d a/c


site-specific installation with vinyl tinsel, 1800 sq ft

Parallel rows of silver car lot tinsel span McMaster Museum's largest gallery. These rows are slightly skewed in relation to the room's grid, as though the built architecture were intersecting with some more expansive spatial system. Watching the lengths of tinsel flutter overhead — continuously below the air output ducts, just barely in other areas — one also becomes aware of the sound of the air circulation system in operation. This tinsel is used by car dealerships to discourage birds; that is, its shimmering effect is a tool for keeping things in motion. In this case, its movement makes visible some of the building's hidden systems while also conflating the ceremonial, ecstatic, expectant character of exhibition and commercial spaces.

Solo Exhibitions: Germaine Koh: Open Hours, Fall 2002.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Steve Reinke, Germaine Koh: Open Hours, 2002. Read
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator, 28 Sep 2002. PDF

Germaine Koh, 4w 2d a/c, 2002, 1800 sq. ft, site-specific installation with silver tinsel. Installation view at McMaster Museum of Art, 2002. Photo: Germaine Koh.