Since 2002

Human-scaled string webs built in public places

Human-scaled spiderwebs built in situ in under-used urban sites in cities suffering from inadequate housing, marking the city in terms of survival by identifying possible places for temporary refuge or habitation. The vulnerability of these delicate structures suggests commonalities between camouflage and escape strategies of animals and the tenuous existence of many people in what are equally difficult urban situations. Some of the structures are quite large (several meters across), but remain physically very subtle, almost invisible, underlining the surreptitious nature of the action. The webs are bound to disappear before long, not least because they are inherently critical of the ways in which space is (not) being used.

Solo Exhibitions: Homemaking, May 2003.
Solo Exhibitions: FADs art space, Germaine Koh, Apr-May 2003.
Group Exhibitions: The Grand Domestic Revolution - User's Manual, 2011.
Group Exhibitions: Fundraising auction, 2007.
Group Exhibitions: Art Forum Berlin, Temporary Import / Vorübergehende Einfuhr, Sep 2005.
Group Exhibitions: YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Psychotopes, Sep-Oct 2003.
Group Exhibitions: I Sell Security, Summer 2003.
Group Exhibitions: Crafts! Crafts! Crafts!, Dec 2002.
Group Exhibitions: Beyond Belief, Sep 2002.
Catalogues & Books:  Adam Geczy, Germaine Koh, Homemaking, 2003. Read
Catalogues & Books: Chantal Molleur, Mireille Bourgeois, Jonathan Shaughnessy, Susann Wintsch, (im)mobile, 2014.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Gerrit Gohlke, Germaine Koh Works., 2005. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Christopher Brayshaw, Georgia Straight, 5-12 Jun 2003.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Makiko Hara, BT Journal, May 2003. PDF

Collection(s): Luis Jacob; Rick Erickson

Germaine Koh, Homemaking, 2003, Human-scaled string webs built in public places. This image: 1 September 2003, under Bathurst Street bridge, Toronto.