White Noise (Vancouver version)

2003 version

Three video projections, three DVD players, custom control device

Three projectors project changing red, blue and green photographic details, respectively, onto a single area of wall. The combination of the primary colours of light occasionally produces a very inexact approximation of white light, in which individual images only become partially legible by the absence of light in the dark details of the other two images. The projectors advance automatically at different speeds but can also be manually mixed by viewers into other combinations.

Vancouver version produced at the Western Front; thanks to Jonathan Middleton, Peter Courtemanche, Sandra Wintner, Devidner Agnish, Eileen Kage, and Shawn Chappelle for support, and to Fiona Bowie and Stan Douglas for equipment.

Solo Exhibitions: Western Front, Field Work, May-Jun 2003.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Robin Laurence, Georgia Straight, 12-19 Jun 2003. PDF

Germaine Koh, White Noise (Vancouver version), 2003, three video projections, three DVD players, custom control device. Installation view at Western Front, Vancouver, 2003. Photo: Germaine Koh.