Sleeping Rough

14-15 Nov 2003

Performance, work day

I slept in a sleeping bag, wearing a toque, at a nightclub party and at an art fair, as if transposed from the street outside. I had speculated that the vulnerability of my oblivion might elicit a range of emotions from revulsion to empathy, and questions of appropriate behaviour and responsibility.

Group Exhibitions: Rapt, 15 Sep 2007.
Group Exhibitions: Catriona Jeffries booth, Nov 2003.
Catalogues & Books: Philip Hancock, Simon Williams & Sharon Boden., The Management of Everyday Life, 2009.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Samir Gandesha, essay, 2009. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Vanessa Joan Müller, Be Magazine, 2005. PDF
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Judith Rugg, Exploring Site-Specific Art: Issues of Space and Internationalism, 2010.

Collection(s): Douglas Coupland

Germaine Koh, Sleeping Rough, 2003, performance. Presentation at Toronto International Art Fair, November 2003. Photo: Phil Klygo.