Home Made Home: Core


plywood, metal fixtures, laminate, foam mattress, each unit 84

Core is a concept for a versatile suite of large cabinets which contain essential living services. Built in multiples of a standard dimension, the units can be placed in various configurations. Each unit is built on casters for ease of shipping and deployment.

The protoype is constructed of oiled plywood. The bed unit contains a fold-down bed, lighting, and a closet. A countertop unit may be customized as a kitchen or office. A WC shell may be customized and plumbed into existing on-site services. Integrated lighting plugs into existing electrical outlets.

Home Made Home is a creative enterprise led by visual artist Germaine Koh, to design and build thoughtful, efficient, and dignified small structures that will fulfill real needs while encouraging us to imagine new models for living. http://HomeMadeHome.ca 

Solo Exhibitions: Kelowna Art Gallery, Germaine Koh: Home Made Home, 2016.
Solo Exhibitions: Richmond Art Gallery, Home Made Home, 2018.
Solo Exhibitions: Evergreen Cultural Centre, Home Made Home, 2018.
Other Media: Richmond Art Gallery, Artist Germaine Koh discusses the exhibition Home Made Home, 2018.

Germaine Koh, Home Made Home: Core prototype, 2016, 84 x 84 x 84, plywood, metal fittings, laminate, mattress. installed at Kelowna Art Gallery, 2016