Home Made Home

ongoing since 2014

small buildings

Home Made Home is a creative enterprise, led by artist Germaine Koh, to design and build innovative and ecologically-friendly small buildings and dwellings for modest living. Our mission is to develop well-crafted and thought-provoking structures that not only fulfill real needs, but also encourage us all to imagine other possible ways of living.

Home Made Home will operate simultaneously as a commercial enterprise with social objectives, and as a creative project for re-imagining the possibilities for lived and civic space. Home Made Home products will range from gallery-based installations imagining alternative models for living, to mobile habitable sculptures, concept units and models for multiple production, to custom structures tailored to individual client needs. Throughout, we will aim at inventive solutions to real local conditions. 

Solo Exhibitions: Kelowna Art Gallery, Germaine Koh: Home Made Home, 2016.
Lecturing: Cause + Affect, PechaKucha Night Vancouver, 2015.
Lecturing: The Built City panel, 2016.

Links: http://homemadehome.ca

Germaine Koh, Home Made Home: Hemlock Micro Studio, 2016, 120 x 120, wood-frame construction. Home Made Home: Hemlock Micro Studio presentation panel