Tracing Tracks


website (with Edith Flückiger)

Tracing Tracks is an on-line game for experiencing different spaces.

Topography, history, and building conventions all shape how we make our way through particular urban spaces and landscapes. This game challenges players to feel the differences between various kinds of spaces, by taking a track shaped by the logic of one specific space, and using it to trace one's way through another place. The game challenges your orienteering skills by asking users to take a track recorded by someone else, and re-trace it in another place. Existing tracks have been recorded by other players walking through their locations. These can be downloaded either as line drawings to lay over a map, or as tracks to load onto a GPS device.

Project site:

Tracking Tracks is a project by artists Edith Flückiger and Germaine Koh, produced by the Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, Canada and White Frame in Basel, Switzerland,  for the exhibition (im)mobile, curated by Mireille Bourgeois and Chantal Molleur. Website by Lukas Steinman.

Group Exhibitions: Dalhousie Art Gallery, (im)mobile, 2014.
Catalogues & Books: Chantal Molleur, Mireille Bourgeois, Jonathan Shaughnessy, Susann Wintsch, (im)mobile, 2014.


Germaine Koh, Tracing Tracks (with Edith Flückiger), 2014, website. screenshot, main page