Accord of Wood

begun 2013

one cord of pine wood to be processed over time, administrative documents, one cord (4' x 4' x 8')

This stack of wood, removed from its natural surroundings and placed in the gallery, speaks to a host of local and global conditions. Cut from a forested area near Kamloops, British Columbia, that has been affected by the infestation of the Pine Beetle, this mass of wood is evidence of a dire environmental situation that is drastically changing the outlook for forests in British Columbia. It is accompanied by administrative documents that trace the otherwise invisible processes that took place in order to relocate the wood from the forest to the gallery. Through administrative processes of agreement and consensus (or Accord), the wood was able to enter this otherwise highly controlled environment. This is the first site for the wood in this ongoing project, in which the logs will be processed over time. The wood will continue to be “administrated” within art institution systems in different forms. The work highlights the internal workings of art institutions as well as the numerous processes that are undertaken on a daily basis to harvest and process wood, pointing to larger economic and political contexts in relation to British Columbia’s main resource based industry.

Administrative assistance by the Kamloops Art Gallery team.

Solo Exhibitions: Kamloops Art Gallery, Germaine Koh: Weather Systems, 2013.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Robin Laurence, Canadian Art, Fall 2013.

Germaine Koh, Accord of Wood, 2013, 4' x 4' x 8', One cord of pine wood, administrative documents.