Landscapes March-April 2013


ink from hygrothermograph and watercolour pencil on paper, 7" x 13.25" each

Produced for an exhibition at the Kamloops Art Gallery, this series of drawings are produced by readings on a hygrothermograph, the device used to measure and provide data on the internal temperature and humidity levels in art galleries. These readings are normally intended to indicate any deviations from the gallery’s standard controlled internal environmental levels and as a document to be shared with other lending and borrowing art institutions that abide by strict environmental regulations to ensure the preservation of their permanent collections.

In this case, the hygrothermograph was taken out of its controlled environment to various locations outside the gallery. Subverting the intended purpose and context, the readings become abstract drawings resembling mountain ranges or landscapes that are further interpreted through watercolour painting. The notations for date, time and place mark the movements of the artist and gallery workers and external climate conditions.

Solo Exhibitions: Kamloops Art Gallery, Germaine Koh: Weather Systems, 2013.

Germaine Koh, Landscapes March-April 2013, 2013, Hygrothermograph ink and watercolour pencil on paper.