9 Aug-8 Sep 2012

group exhibition guest-curated for MKG127, Toronto

Toolkit is an exhibition of human-scaled objects that give pause for thought. Made by practitioners of critical design, contemporary art and social action, and existing in the realm of furniture, products and utensils, these are implements — some speculative, some fully operational — that disrupt habitual actions and interactions, and allow us to consider alternatives. Aligning with an idea that change in the world might best be wrought by tools that alter thinking, some of these objects partake of the tendency to make objects increasingly smart, while others are resolutely dumb, reflecting back the interactions that shape the world around them.

Toolkit includes works by Sonny Assu, Daniel Olson, Michel de Broin, Justin Gologorsky, Instant Coffee, Onkar Kular, Chris Lindsay, Heidi Nagtegaal, Ken Nicol, and Sascha Pohflepp.

Reviews, Articles & Essays: Gary Michael Dault, , 6 Sep 2012.


Germaine Koh, Toolkit, 2012, group exhibition. Installation view with works by (L-R) Sascha Pohflepp, Chris Lindsay, Michel de Broin, Ken Nicol, Heidi Nagtegaal (Pylon), Onkar Kular, Instant Coffee, Daniel Olson, and Ken Nicol. Photo: G. Koh.