found doors, modified door mechanisms, internet connections, custom electronics (collaboration with Gordon Hicks), variable dimensions

There|Here connects two doors over the internet to create a wordless communication system using touch, pressure, movement and position. The connection is two-way and simultaneous so that moving either door causes the other to move in unison. Each door acts as both controller and controlled—there is no user interface in the conventional sense, simply the doors themselves. Constructed from hacked door operator mechanisms, custom microcontrollers and a real-time internet data stream, the system provides the sensation here of a physical event happening there. Positioning, movement, speed, rhythm, and pressure emerge as tools for communication.

"The sense of doubled things, spaces and people, it is argued, is integral to modern life. To be tele-present, so contemporary philosophers tell us, is to be in two spaces at the same time through technological communication. Artists Germaine Koh and Gordon Hicks are interested how, in our age of everyday telepresence, manifested by constant mobile phone and portable computer use, relationships between time and space are being altered in significant ways. The exhibition In Koh and Hicks’ new work There|Here (2011), multiple doorways link space and time through the sensation of touch. Using an internet data stream, the actions performed on one object are duplicated on the other. In this spatial diptych of co-relation the act of entering is simultaneously a form of uncanny exiting." - Surrey Art Gallery

Collaboration with Gordon Hicks

Solo Exhibitions: Germaine Koh - Knitwork; Germaine Koh/Gordon Hicks - There|Here, 2012. Image
Group Exhibitions: Surrey Art Gallery, There/Here: Germaine Koh and Gordon Hicks, 2011.
Group Exhibitions: Blackwood Gallery, Door to Door, 2011. Image
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Texts by Koh: In Response series, 2020.

Germaine Koh, There|Here (collaboration with Gordon Hicks), 2011, variable, found doors, modified door mechanisms, internet connections, custom electronics. Photo: Gordon Hicks.