The Haunting


Used lamps, accelerometers, custom circuitry

The Haunting is a site-responsive installation with lamps, accelerometers and custom circuitry.

A collection of old household lamps gathered from flea markets creates a cloud of light in the gallery space. This aura is animated by unseen (but felt) conditions in the surrounding urban environment: the vibrations from passing traffic outside. Some of the lamps flicker uncannily as sensors detect the vibrations from traffic or occasionally human movement. These unfashionable everyday objects, many burdened by age or ugliness, are revitalized and given a lightness by making them the medium that makes visible a certain kind of energy that haunts the space.

Solo Exhibitions: The Haunting, 2010.


Germaine Koh, The Haunting, 2010, Used lamps, accelerometers, custom circuitry. installation view, Invaliden 1 Galerie, Berlin, September 2010