urban interventions - miscellaneous

various dates

Various urban interventions not featured on other pages, including:

Transplant, 2006, urban intervention with soil from various parts of the world introduced into downtown Vancouver, transportation systems, engraved aluminum plates. Produced for Territory, Artspeak and Presentation House Gallery, 2006.

Occupancy, 2003 collaboration with Phil Klygo, interventions with used recycled tent fabric and existing real-estate signage.

Squat, 2001, stickers and actions.
   "In certain neighbourhoods (such as my own along King Street West in Toronto) that are undergoing wholesale transformation and conversion into tracts of condominiums and lofts, housing tends to become grounds for a battle..."

Observatory, 1995-97, vinyl-covered recuperated furniture, for outdoor installation.

Group Exhibitions: Artspeak and Presentation House Gallery, Territory, Jun-Aug 2006.
Catalogues & Books: Territory, 2008. PDF

Germaine Koh, Squat, 2001, stickers and actions in construction sites.