Oct 2007

project guest-curated for the Contemporary Art Gallery and 2007 LIVE Performance Biennale

RSVP — a series of dinner conversations
Presented by the Contemporary Art Gallery
Guest-curated by Germaine Koh for the 2007 LIVE Performance Art Biennale

RSVP was a series of meals taking place across the city of Vancouver, borrowing the format of the dinner party as a model for unscripted yet conscious social performance. At these dinner parties, nominally hosted by local figures accomplished in performance-based disciplines, audience and actors are one and the same, emphasizing the performative nature of not only social gatherings, but also other social practices such as negotiation, friendship, service, networking, competition, and civil affairs.

"Dinner as social gathering, as improv theatre, as forum for a wide range of ideas and beliefs, and as set for the collision of public and private, pleasure, and anxiety ­ what could be niftier?"Georgia Straight Fall 2007 "Critics' Picks"


Friday 19 October, 7 pm ­
Downtown loft dinner, home-cooked by your hosts
Hosted by Tony Penikett and Tahmoh Penikett
Cost: $45 contribution to costs

Monday 22 October, noon -
Campus and Second Life bag lunch at the Centre for Digital Media
Bring your own laptop to participate in Second Life
Location: Centre for Digital Media in Second Life and at Great Northern Way campus
Hosted by Masters of Digital Media Program - Joanna Robinson and Ian Verchere
Cost: Bring your own or reserve $15 lunch from Meinhardt's

Wednesday 24 October, 7 pm -
Comfort food at Sophie¹s Cosmic Café
Hosted by Maren Hancock and Eliza Griffiths
Cost: Dutch treat

Sunday 28 October, 7 pm -
Fine regional cuisine at Gastropod
Hosted by Ian Verchere and Dr. Cynthia Verchere
Cost: Dutch treat

Reviews, Articles & Essays: Joanna Robinson, J0anna's Blog, 29 Oct 2007.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Lori Weidenhammer, LIVE Blog, 29 Oct 2007. Read on Web
Reviews, Articles & Essays: staff, Georgia Straight, 13 Sep 2007.
Texts by Koh: Germaine Koh, poster with essay, Oct 2007. PDF


Germaine Koh, curatorial project RSVP, 2007, guest-curated for the Contemporary Art Gallery and 2007 LIVE Performance Biennale. View of dinner hosted by Tony Penikett and Tahmoh Penikett.