intervention using vintage telephone modified with programmable microcontroller and custom circuitry

A vintage telephone (resembling a direct taxi-line or service-centre phone) sits on a countertop in a public place accessible to a wide range of people. The phone's dial has been replaced with an LCD screen that reads "FOR CONVERSATION / LIFT HANDSET". Each time the handset is lifted, the phone dials at random one of the project participants, who have agreed to receive calls and attempt to have conversations with strangers.

In previous presentations the volunteer participants, from a wide variety of backgrounds and communities, have been solicited through a variety of local media and means. The interactions are not recorded or otherwise determined in any way, so the project is perpetuated and disseminated fundamentally through oral history.

Edition of 2. Circuit design and fabrication assistance by Gordon Hicks.

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Germaine Koh, Call, 2006, Intervention using vintage telephone modified with programmable microcontroller and custom circuitry.