24 advertising panels and bus wrap on #3 Main Street bus

The MAINstREetBUS project appears as a photographic reflection of the street that the #3 Main bus travels. The interior advertising panels of one bus form a sort of panoramic photo essay focusing on businesses, sights and locations on Main Street. The bus exterior is completely wrapped in a camouflage pattern of imagery depicting these surroundings. The image create a relationship between the street and the bus, possibly returning bus riders’ attention back to the very surroundings through the bus traverses — surroundings that may be so familiar we tend to overlook them.

Some of the images identify the locations or businesses depicted, acting as a basic sort of advertising, and some include curious visual details that might lead observant viewers to investigate stories and events that will unfold in the real and virtual spaces around Main Street over the course of the project.

Commissioned by the City of Vancouver and Translink. Public art consultant: Maureen Smith. Graphics production assistant: Julia Feyrer

Germaine Koh, MAINstREetBUS, 2009, Bus wrap and interior advertising panels of #3 Main Street bus. Street-side view. Photo by Germaine Koh.